What is the Warped Competition Team and who is it for?

The Warped Competition team is for enthusiastic artists willing to grow as aerialists, dancers, performers, and team members. Ages 7+ are eligible to audition! Artists should have a strong desire to learn more about the art of aerial dance and the ability to be focused and have a positive presence in classes/rehearsals. The Competition Team is great for both kids that are brand new to aerial and dance but, have a drive to perform, as well as artists that have already started classes and are ready for the next step.

Artists Can Audition for ONE of the Following or BOTH Options:


  • Group Competition Piece(s) will compete at 3 Local Competitions ranging from Milwaukee to Chicago (January-May 2021) and 1 National Competition located in Wisconsin Dells (June-July 2021).


  • Aerial Solo(s)/Duo(s) will compete at our in house competition at Warped Studios in January 2021. Solo(s)/Duo(s) may be selected to perform at other opportunities. **The director will determine after the audition if you will be performing a solo or a duo and if selected for a duo you will be paired up with someone selected by the director**


Participation Requirements:

Competition Team members will meet during our summer session to learn their competition group piece(s)/solo(s)/duo(s) and will continue through May 2021.

Competition Team Artists ages 9+ are required to attend:

2 hours/wk of aerial technique

2 hours/wk of dance technique

Weekly Competition Rehearsal

Competition Team Artists ages 7-8 are required to attend:

1 hour/wk of aerial technique

1 hour/wk of dance technique

Weekly Competition Rehearsals