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Summer Enrollment for Youth Classes: Access that information here!

Adult Classes

Our mission is to provide an innovative and fresh approach to fitness by providing classes that will leave you wanting more! You will achieve physical results from every class, while having fun and enjoying it!


Warped Studios offers classes in aerial dance and bungee fitness. You do not need any experience to begin your fitness journey at Warped Studios.


Benefits include:

Strengthened Muscles - You engage your core muscles to balance and stabilize yourself during every move resulting in a full body workout every time. You will feel muscles in your arms, core and back that you never knew you had!


Greater Flexibility - Hammocks permit more freedom of movement which results in deeper and more fulfilling stretches than traditional fitness classes. Your hip flexors will thank you later!


Inside Out - Inversions (being upside down) help with circulation, decompressing your spine and livening up your mood. Your strength and flexibility will improve and you will become more confident and fearless!

Bungee Fitness - Combines resistance with a cardiovascular workout, this increases your heart rate as well as increasing endurance. Expect to get a full body workout including your core, arms, legs and back

If you want to challenge your limits, get results and laugh as much as you sweat, then give our classes a try. It may be the most fun you ever have working out!

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